Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Girls just wanna have fun ...without getting raped

Interesting blog entry

I agree that there are problematic statements and faulty conclusions in the Concerned Women for America audio feed. I can't agree that the women speaking should be dismissed as conservative crackpots. Their concern for girls seems genuine to me.

However, if women shouldn't party, drink or have premarital sex because that increases the odds that they'll be killed by a man they let near them, then women shouldn't marry for the same reason. Neither should they get pregnant since murder is a leading cause of death during pregnancy.

I bumped into scary guys when I was the most careless with my life and my safety, but I was in the most immediate physical danger when I was married to someone who presented himself as a good Christian man. I met him in church and nobody at that church ever said a negative thing about him -- until after my divorce.


Those who knew about his darker side thought we had to get married. (Why else would any woman agree to marry him?) So to save me from the possible shame of being an unwed mother I wasn't told about his history of abusive behavior.

The sad thing is that for a long time I felt like an absolute failure for getting out alive.

Here's the audio in question:
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