Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Minnesota Nice human trafficking

Wouldn't you love to be a venture capitalist able to support great businesses and able to deny funding to the rest? Or a consumer who has the power to boycott unethical businesses?

If you pay for sex, you are an investor in the human stock market. Some reports say it's a billion-dollar-a-year business worldwide. And you've gotten in at the ground level.

With that perspective, you may not want to read this story told by the Minneapolis Star Tribune and WCCO TV, respectively:
(if the direct links stop working, a search of the archives may be necessary)

But you never got anywhere near those two St. Paul girls believed held as sex slaves. You didn't pay to have sex with them or anyone like them as far as you know. Maybe not, but that's the power of your consumer dollars.

Five people were arrested in connection with the case last week when police raided a home to rescue one of the girls. But the Johns will likely escape without arrest or conviction in this case and others like it.

Those who force or coerce others into prostitution are depending on a steady supply of people like you to hand over your money. You can give them what they want or you can cut off funding to human traffickers.

The next time you're tempted to invest, repeat the following until the temptation passes:

"I will screw human traffickers' business plans not their victims."
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