Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What's wrong with the "Battle Cry for a Nation" rally

A whole lot according to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and others, including blogger Shakespearessister.

As someone who got caught up in that type of religious fervency as a teenager, I know why teens could gravitate to leaders who vow to take up the fight against evil. Before you condemn those teens, look below the surface. How many of them, like me in my late teens, are struggling to find some way out of their personal abyss?

What do we say to them? "Your struggle to overcome the forces that are dragging you down is a stupid one"? Do we scorn them and multiply their feeling that the world is out to get them?

Or do we empathize with the fears that drive them even when we can't agree with the positions they hold onto like life preservers?

My opinion of the leadership is far less sympathetic. Just because the leaders are Christians doesn't mean their actions are right or even motivated by a pure belief in God. I've met my share of "Christian leaders" who got a very unholy high from being able to control so many others.

So how do we know which leaders to trust and respect? By asking questions. Is the leader motivated by a deep love for those they lead or is that leader using followers as pawns? Each time new leaders emerge, I pray it's the former because if it's the latter, they are harming those they've promised to defend.

Isn't it ironic that in many ways radical Muslim clerics and Christian battle leaders share the same disdain for America as a whole?

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