Friday, April 07, 2006

Abortion Foes Seek Grand Jury Investigation

In Kansas, abortion foes have gathered signatures to request a grand jury investigation into the death of a woman who died from an infection after an abortion. I don't know enough about this specific case to comment on it.

What I can comment on are my concerns about the side effects of this activism. In their all-consuming quest to make life difficult for abortion providers, are anti-abortion activists getting so focused on their personal goals that they are losing focus on the full right to life?

Not just the right to life before birth, but the right to life until we (hopefully) die a natural death? That means dealing with messy issues where you can't just say, "There is one right choice and all other choices are wrong."

Issues like violence against women.

Think about this oft-quoted advice: "If you don't want to give birth, don't have sex."

Have sex? This puts all the responsibility on women and none on men. It makes women and girls responsible for their own rapes.

What kind of family value is that?

For the hard-line anti-abortion advocates, the rights of pharmacists to deny contraceptives trump the rights of rape victims (most don't report) who may be struggling with hopelessness or thoughts of suicide.

If the anti-abortion advocates scare all ob-gyn doctors away from all abortions, including those that protect the health or life of the pregnant girl or woman, so-called abortion mills may be these girls' and women's only option.

Yet many anti-abortion activists turn a blind eye to violence against those they see as their enemies or they justify violence by saying one death (abortion provider) is nothing when compared to the fetuses they are saving.

Again what kind of family value is that?

CNN article on this case.
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