Thursday, April 27, 2006

Accuser In Duke Lacrosse Case Reported Previous Rape

NBC 17:

The existence of the report surprised defense attorneys, one of whom has sought information about the accuser's past for use in attacking her credibility.


Attorneys for Seligmann asked the court this week to order the state to turn over the accuser's medical, legal and education records, and hold a pretrial hearing to "determine if the complaining witness is even credible enough to provide reliable testimony."

The defense attorney wants it to be, "they said, she won't be allowed to say."

If the defense team gets its way, it may be difficult for anyone who reported a rape in the past -- yet didn't get a conviction -- to be viewed as a reliable witness if they are raped again. They might as well put a sign on the back of all those rape victims that reads, "If you rape me, you won't be convicted."

I can predict the reaction that will come from those who have declared that the alleged victim is the villain in this situation. It won't be pretty and will have little to do with any honest pursuit of justice.

The false accusation fanatics will be like sharks who smell blood.

If these people think about the possibility that the alleged victim was raped at 14, they won't think about it for long. Because there was no conviction, many will allege that this woman has a history of false allegations. From the details released, there is absolutely no evidence to support that theory, not that the lack of evidence will be a deterrent to those who claim to believe in "innocent until proven guilty."

But a history of rape fits in with the background of trauma necessary to tolerate the treatment strippers get from their customers.

For once I hope I'm absolutely wrong about those who appear to be rape apologists.

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