Saturday, April 15, 2006

Alabama teacher accused of sex, murder plot

A female teacher allegedly had sex with students and urged one to kill her husband. Charges against her include solicitation of murder, rape, sexual abuse and enticing a child for immoral purposes.

In 2004 An unsigned letter tipped off school officials who contacted police, but at that time they didn't have any supporting evidence. That was the end of the case until earlier this month when a student confided in the principal.

Here's a description from the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault that likely applies in this situation:

Sexual Coercion: Compelling someone to submit to an unwanted sexual act by intimidating, threatening, misusing authority, manipulating, tricking, or bribing with actions and words. When a person is coerced, she or he has not given consent.

Many people dismiss this type of coercion as either harmless or annoying but never criminal . However, manipulation and abuse of power definitely harm those who are misused -- be they male or female.
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