Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Duke Rape Case: the alleged victim's identity

The defense attorneys in the Duke lacrosse rape case have created a persona for the alleged victim that fits the profile of someone who not only could make a false allegation of rape, but who wouldn't be able to resist making a false allegation against what she saw as a bunch of rich guys who would pay her off to avoid having their good names destroyed.

Immoral. Sleazy. Deranged. Greedy. Lazy. Bad mother. So on and so forth.

But would the type of person the defense team sees as an enemy who deserves to be utterly destroyed and discredited, teach another adult to read?

Whoa, there!

We can't be talking about the same woman.

But we are.

Of course, if you buy into the image the defense team and all those who call the alleged victim a 'ho have created, you aren't likely to believe anything that makes her seem as human and as fragile as an ordinary woman. One who would be traumatized if she were raped by three men and who after using all the adrenaline she has to get away, could slip into unconsciousness.

The case will be decided by the courts, but just as the defense claims their clients have been judged without all the facts so has this alleged victim.

Do you really think defense attorneys would paint a rosier picture of the alleged victim if she had been a 16-year old?

Read this interview before you answer: Ethics and the defense attorney

If you think these 'victims' deserved the treatment they received, will you think the same if you or your sister or your mother is raped? I pray you never have to find out. Just remember that the defense attorneys only care how their actions impact their clients. Victims are simply opponents to be discredited and defeated.

News Observer: Mother, dancer, accuser

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At April 19, 2006 5:04 PM, Blogger M. Simon said...

I have a daughter. Just to get that out of the way.

If she falsely accused some one of raping her I'd want the book thrown at her.

1. No DNA evidence from semen, hair, dandruff, saliva, etc. NADA

2. No evidence in the bathroom of a struggle. i.e. other than the DNA of those who regularly used the bathroom no DNA, blood, bodily fluids, hair, dandruff, etc. of the accuser or her fellow dancer was found in the bathroom. NADA

3. At least one of the accused has a pretty tight alibi.

4. The accuser according to photos taken at the party was banged up when she arrived.

5. No toxicology report of the accuser's blood has been reported (i.e. no published evidence of a date rape drug). Given how the prosecutor was trying the case in the press until recently this may be significant.

6. The physical evidence so far is more in accord with the team's claims than the accusers.

I think this woman was very troubled. I am very sympathetic to her plight.

Read this piece I did on heroin addiction and child molestation.


I think this woman has wronged these boys. Note: think. I could be wrong. If I'm not the book should be thrown at this woman. Once she has served her sentence she should be helped.

The boys were dumb and not very nice. That does not make them rapists.

At April 19, 2006 11:17 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

M. Simon,

I notice you don't say what should be done to these boys if you are wrong and this woman was really raped as the prosecutor believes in strongly enough to bring charges.

You also don't say if you have a son and what you would do if he did what these boys are accused of doing.

If 3 men (not boys) committed rape it makes sense for them to do everything possible to keep from being accountable if the impossible happened and they were rightly accused. People who rape would have no misgivings about doing whatever they could to make their victim seem like a liar or a nutcase.

The real truth and what the defense teams present as truth are not automatically the same thing just as you've pointed out that the accusation and the real truth may differ.

How exactly were these boys dumb and not very nice in your opinion? I ask because I've heard rapists use those types of words to describe actions that meet the legal standards of sexual assault.

Maybe we assume they took the same actions but you see it as not being very nice while I see it as criminal rape.

At June 03, 2006 10:57 PM, Blogger Cash said...

In case you didn't know, a website IN SUPPORT of the "sister survivor" in the Duke alleged rape case was launched on May 14, Mother's Day.---

It is, a community-based effort designed to provide emotional and spiritual support for the our sister survivor, who has had to endure horrendous and intrusive personal attacks from the defense and the media.---

Those who send messages of support to be posted on the website also stand strong for our sister's right to her fair day in court. It is clear that the defense is either trying to derail a trial by scaring her off; poison the possible jury pool; or create so much pre-trial publicity that the case would have to be moved to a more affluent county, which would be better for the three accused.---

Come to, read the heartening messages from a wide spectrum of supporters, listen to the inspirational music, and then send our sister survivor your own special message of support.---

Thank you, and GOD bless.

Cash Michaels ---
Our Hearts For You project


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