Sunday, April 09, 2006

Duke Rape Case: fluke or part of a pattern? - part 2

According to an article in today's News Observer, the answer seems to be: Pattern.

Paul DeMarco, a former pitcher at Duke, heard of the Duke lacrosse scandal when his girlfriend called him in Connecticut. He was not entirely surprised.
The gist of the article is that previous issues involving the baseball team didn't trigger a review of other sports when they should have.

Here's another excerpt:

"At Duke, if you didn't go [to wild parties with dancers], you were ostracized, you were picked on," he said. "It was like you better come and you better get really drunk. It was the culture. You had to participate in these things that were not appropriate."
This makes it clear to me that women who are raped aren't the only ones harmed by rape-friendly environments.

The full News Observer story
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