Monday, April 10, 2006

Duke Rape Case: outrage based on class envy?

La Shawn Barber wrote:

In my deeply-held opinion, much of the outrage is based not on what may have happened to the stripper but on class envy and covetousness.
Her opinion may be deeply held, but it ignores the fact that many of us, even average white folk like me, believe no one deserves to be raped.

The real question is: Why do people like La Shawn find it impossible to believe anyone would be outraged by the rape of someone like the alleged victim in this case and by the aggressive and immediate claim made by many that the alleged victim should be prosecuted for making what they 'know' to be a false allegation of gang rape?

Of course those same people provide a disclaimer that basically says if the impossible happens and the evidence proves that a rape happened, we will find a way to keep from looking like idiots. And of course they tell us they believe 'real' rape is a horrible thing.

Here are the 2003 statistics on the perceived race of rapists: 47.9% white, 24.4% black, 22.4% other, 5.3% unknown.
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