Monday, April 17, 2006

Duke Rape Case: photos clear team or help prosecution?

From CBS News:
Trish Regan reconstructs a timeline of the lacrosse team party from photos taken that night. Defense attorneys say the photos prove that a rape never occurred, but Regan says they may turn out to help the prosecution.
One of the key elements the defense points to is splotches of pink left behind after the alleged victim supposedly fell. They say it had to be fingernail polish (during the 27 minute gap between sets of pictures the defense claims she was doing her nails), but blood could also appear to be pink.

I've heard people claim that exotic dancers will do more than dance if the price is right, but this is the first time that this more supposedly included applying fingernail polish.

And isn't it interesting how closely the gap between pictures matches the alleged victim's story?
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