Saturday, April 15, 2006

Duke Rape Case: players setup?

From Time: Were Duke Players Victims of an E-Mail Sting?:

Defense lawyers also point to the officer's statement that he has a "24- hour hold" situation -- meaning possibly a night in jail on a drunk and disorderly charge. Defense lawyers tell Time they will argue that it was expressly to avoid that possibility that the accuser fabricated the rape charge.
It's interesting how the defense attorneys' story of what happened changes based on each new revelation.

First, they paint a picture of an immoral criminal storming away from the party with the intention of getting even. It puts a vivid picture in people's minds: a fallen woman carefully plotting, from the very beginning, to frame poor innocent boys by making a false allegation of rape against them.

Only, whoops. She didn't approach the police, a cop approached her and she was unconscious.

Now in the defense attorneys' latest story this still evil woman said she was raped in order to avoid prosecution when she was hauled in unwillingly.

Isn't it handy for her that she just happened to have injuries consistent with a sexual assault?

What story will the defense attorneys tell us next to discredit any new evidence that doesn't clear their clients? I know: "Maybe a cop did it!" Yeah, and if later DNA results match any of the lacrosse players tested, they can argue that the police are co-conspirators in this false allegations.

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