Monday, April 17, 2006

Duke Rape Case: Security guard's examination of alleged victim

ABC News

In a tape obtained exclusively by ABC News, a security guard — who may have been the first person to see the alleged victim of a Duke lacrosse gang rape after the alleged attack — says there were no signs or mention of rape or sexual assault.
And how exactly is a security guard qualified to recognize signs of rape?

What are these signs of rape anyway?

If it's physical injury, then the party pictures the defense is using as proof that the dancer arrived at the party injured prove that this security guard missed some very important signs.

I was raped, didn't mention it and nobody who saw me recognized signs of rape. I remember walking down the hallway at my junior high school for the first time after my rape, certain that everybody could see what had happened to me. I felt like the walking wounded for days and nobody saw it or even asked me what was wrong.

Then there's this:
The security guard says she smelled alcohol on the driver, but not on the alleged victim. She says that the alleged victim "couldn't talk at all. … She was out of it."

She couldn't talk at all? So how was she supposed to say she was raped?

Apparently the defense wants the public to think this security guard is a more qualified witness than trained medical professionals. And they hope the public doesn't notice the inconsistencies in the picture the defense is trying to paint.
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