Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Duke Rape Case: the victim's psychological problems

CNN: Essence reporter: Alleged rape victim running scared

[CNN's Betty] NGUYEN: You spent more time with this family, yet this family has rarely spent much time at all with the accuser here. Is she just running scared?

This interview with an Essence magazine contributor is disturbing in how quickly the interviewer falls into the trap of victim baiting. Notice that Ms. Nguyen uses the term accuser instead of alleged victim in her first question.

The alleged victim has been getting death threats and Ms. Nguyen implies that the alleged victim's protective actions are somehow abnormal or a symptom of psychological problems.

If this woman was raped as alleged, the trauma of gang rape combined with having many so-called moral people side with her rapists would cause any victim serious psychological problems.

I found the tone of the questioning about contact between a civil rights attorney and the alleged victim's family especially disturbing. This woman is being shredded from nearly every direction (last I heard over 50 defense lawyers have been hired by various people) so to imply anything negative about looking into protecting the alleged victim's rights is stupid at best.

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