Friday, April 14, 2006

Duke Rape Case: why so much attention?

From Alas, a blog:

The Duke alleged rape case is getting a lot of attention in the media and on blogging sites, not because of the woman and the violence she suffered, but because the players where white. Therefore, this case makes the headlines almost everyday since the players privilege and whiteness is threatened with the possibility of jail time or having to register as sex offenders. So I keep asking myself, are we only engaged in this incident because the media has hyped up the issues of color?

One of the reasons I've been focusing on this crime more than other reported rapes is the feeding frenzy of those who insist the alleged victim has to be lying and that this allegation is evidence of predatory feminism.

Ultimately, what motivates me has nothing to do with race or class. The same issues coming up now were swirling around me when I was an innocent, middle-class white girl who made the mistake of getting herself in a position where she could be raped by her equally middle-class white boyfriend. My fear of this type of scorn was so great, I didn't even consider confiding in anyone.

Despite the continuing incidence of rape, the world has changed over the past decades. Nice boys who rape are being charged and sometimes they are being convicted. Girls like me have toll free numbers to call and will soon be able to IM victim's advocates.

It's this change IMO that has many of those screaming, "It's all a feminist conspiracy!" worried. The support available to rape victims will continue to be a problem until the number of otherwise nice guys who rape or attempt rape drops significantly.

But rather than working with us to reduce the level of violence committed by regular Joe's, many want to undermine funding for programs that help prevent and respond to violence against women.
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