Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gang rape and university culture - a case study Stop Gang Rape

This article includes an example of a real university gang rape and the actions taken by students, coaches and administrators. Even though what happened met the legal standards of rape, zero rapes were reported in this incident. Five of those who committed rape were put on probation, but the victim was also put on probation for lewd, indecent and obscene conduct.

To begin to make sense of incidents such as the Duke rape case, read this article.

From Alfred. S. Alschuler:

It's popular to blame those at the top, but the core of the problem and it's solution are at the bottom. It exists in the unwritten rules governing the majority of students: accept rape as a normal fact of campus existence; remain silent in response to sexual assault, stalking and harassment; don't report or support victim's reporting; don't cause sustained uproars demanding justice and punishment; wait passively to be saved by the administration; avoid taking personal responsibility by blaming "them" for leadership failures; don't act individually or collectively to create extreme social pressure against all forms of body terrorism. These informal rules, not the students who abide by them, are to blame and must be changed.

I suspect that similar patterns can be found at Duke University and many other universities.

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At May 02, 2006 8:16 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

Gang rapes are one of the strongest arguments against certain sports -- given that dropping those sports would reduce gang rapes on college campuses by 50% or more.

Though the contrary voice is that a proper campus program also reduces sexual assault -- team sports do not require such actions as a necessary predicate.


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