Monday, April 17, 2006

THE NEWS BLOG: What bothers me about Duke

It didn't hit me until mid-bagel today, why I didn't like the way the Duke story was being spun. Forget race for a minute, because if you don't think that couldn't have been a blonde hair, blue-eyed freshman girl, you're kidding yourselves. It may have been in the past. But she might just be at a different school, with a large therapy bill. This is about women. And not just strippers either. I've been in situations just like this, strippers, jocks, booze and I can tell you one thing: no one got hurt.
Steve gets to the heart of the problem behind the arguments that set out to prove that the alleged victim must be a liar because she arrived at the party with the injuries she left with. He also makes a very important point:
If some guys are into denigrating women, the others pick up on it to fit in.
This would be doubly true if those who are behaving the worst are leaders or dominant members of the group.
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