Thursday, April 27, 2006

NY Bouncer Accused of Second Abduction

MSNBC: Official: NYC bouncer accused in second case

The law enforcement official said Littlejohn, 41, had been linked to the attempted abduction of a 19-year-old woman who told investigators she was approached by a man driving a blue van. The official said that the attacker - carrying handcuffs and wearing a blue law enforcement baseball cap - forced the woman into the van, but that she later jumped out and escaped.
This is the same man connected to the rape and murder of a women who drank at the bar where he worked as a bouncer. So much for the conservative pundet's theory that he was only a danger to hard-partying women who lacked common sense.

From the description of these 2 crimes, he has all the makings of a serial killer. Notice that he tried to give the impression that he might be a cop, a technique straight out of Ted Bundy's playbook. We may never know if he succeeded at abducting and murdering other women. If he did, the blame lies solely with him, not with any of his victims.

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