Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rape victim not person of note = no crime?

From all the victim bashing (related to the Duke University rape case) quoted and refuted on feministe/dont-read-this/ this phrase jumped out at me:

She is not a person of note

My response was:

Sounds like every rapist’s mantra. Repeated before, during, after.

But why is the phrase: She is not a person of note more important than everything else that came before or after it? The rest of the words are there to try to prove the truth of that one statement.

The unspoken need is:

I need to prove by force that I am a person of note

I believe the statement and matching need allow men to say to themselves: "Nobody will care what I do to her. If the impossible happens, nobody will be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I can get away with this."

This is false power that corrodes all who use it.

Adonis wrote in a comment:

Mebbe she was just using her unconventional beauty to entice men.

Congratulations, you've just channeled my rapist. My beauty made him do it. That and his love for me. Twasn't I a lucky girl to be both beautiful and loved?

Think I'm just a dumb reactionary? Okay, let's see if this line of defense holds up in other parts of men's lives.

Mebbe the bank used it's bounty to entice men into becoming bank robbers.
Mebbe the cool car enticed men into becoming carjackers.
Mebbe the tycoon enticed men into becoming muggers.
Mebbe the wife's life insurance policy enticed her husband into becoming a murderer.

Those are all rationalizations not causes.

Man rape --> man cause rape --> man rapist.
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