Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shakespearessister: Family values serial killer

Shakespeares Sister: Family values

I found it absolutely amazing that a woman who had married a serial killer—and, by the way, took him at his word when he told her the skeleton their son found in the backyard was just some old bones his physician father had left him; “I didn’t question it; Herb kept everything!” (yeah, like the skeletons of his victims)—still found the reserves within her to condemn hippies and parents who didn’t parent like they did. Unbelievable.

This case highlights the real harm behind blind faith in the myths about who is and is not a horrible human being. Labels like Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, Christian, Muslim, straight, gay don't make us good or bad.

Our thoughts, and the actions that come from those thoughts are what can make us horrible human beings. Or not.

Frequently predators will take extra effort to look good so they can have access to their victims or so they won't fit the profile of somone who would do something horrible.
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