Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome to the Hall of Shame: LaShawn Barber
Update III (4/27): The Duke rape accuser has cried rape before. Ten years ago she claimed three men had raped her three years earlier. (Source) The girl’s got an active, though not terribly original, imagination. I wonder if the alleged rapists were white…

How dare you, LaShawn!

You know nothing about what happened to this woman, yet you feel you have the God given right to slam her? If you honestly think it's God that makes you talk trash like this, you got another think coming.

Any claim you've made of being someone who seeks the truth has been proven to be a lie by the statement you've made above.

But don't feel bad about being added to my Hall of Shame, I'm sure you're now in the Rapist's Hall of Fame.

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