Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who you gonna call if you learn a child ...

... has been approached online by someone who may be a stalker or sexual predator?

or call 1-800-843-5678 if your child won't let you on the computer.

Cyber Tipline handles leads from individuals reporting the sexual exploitation of children. Please contact us if you have information that will help in our fight against child sexual exploitation. Your information will be forwarded to law enforcement for investigation and review, and, when appropriate, to the Internet Service Provider.
Do NOT delete the threatening or offensive message since that may provide the evidence needed to protect other children from danger.

Do NOT respond to the message. Leave that to trained professionals. Many predators are also master manipulators who will try to convince you or the child that you have misunderstood their intention.

Children can be made aware of danger without being constantly fearful.

A key step to making this happen is for them and for you to know what to do when bad things happen. Before anything happens, sit down with your children and make an Internet safety plan so you and your children can deal with threats from a position of power.

At a minimum, put the number for the Cyber Tipline somewhere you and your children can quickly find it.

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