Sunday, April 30, 2006

Woman will plead guilty to raping 12-year-old cousin

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She made headlines in November 1995, when after giving birth in her dormitory room at Ohio Dominican College, Davis placed the baby in a trash bin wrapped in clothing and plastic bags. A passer-by found the child and notified authorities. An attempted murder charge was filed against Davis, but later dismissed.

When questioned, this woman claimed she became pregnant after she was raped at a party when in fact she became pregnant while sexually exploiting a 12-year old cousin.

Some will say this woman made a false accusation of rape and will use this case to support their continued disbelief of rape victims. However, this woman made a vague allegation of rape to hide her own criminal activity which resulted in pregnancy. So there was a rape, it just turns out she was the rapist.

Those who will use a case like this to call the majority of rape victims liars don't see the irony that they are making unsubstantiated accusations and demanding punishment before there's any legal proof. They are doing the very thing they claim to be against -- but apparently false accusations are only wrong when they are directed at men.

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