Saturday, May 13, 2006

Article on false allegations of rape on what may be a sex tourism site


And it's not just that men in those parts of the world that developed in line with US-American cultural dictates are increasingly drawn before courts on charges of rape or sexual molestation. Many men everywhere have come to realize how easily they could be accused and now behave much more in line with the rules of female sexual partners.

Males now feel much more vulnerable than they did just two decades ago, and this has resulted in strongly modified behavioral patterns, designed to avoid becoming the victims of made-up charges.

Translation: to avoid false accusations of rape, many men have had no choice except to stop having sex with women without their consent. This is a very bad development. But good for sex tourism to places where victims of sexual exploitation have no protection.

This ties into my earlier post:
Abyss2hope: What's behind the insistence that women frequently lie about being raped
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