Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Betty Friedan back from dead and blogging about the Duke rape case

wizbangblog comment from Betty Friedan

The stripper has serious character flaws judging by her criminal pass:

coalitionoftheswilling comment from Betty Friedan

With the taste of his own foot still lingering in his mouth, District Attorney Mike Nifong has another piece of evidence blow up in his face, I wonder how's his ulcer is doing?
CBS coverage of Betty Friedan's death at 85 in Feb. 2006

Update 5/17 7:45 pm: Betty, so sorry I rejected your comment, but I have firm policy against Dead People Blogging.

Update 5/19:

"Betty Friedan"

Most misandry feminist blogs have blocked my comments. Other blogs, like Marcella Chester’s blog, just choose not to post comments that conflict with their misandry agenda.
Yeah, yeah. What a terrible agenda I have. To stop rape and victim blaming. With that sinister agenda why would any intelligent person expect me to give commenters on my blog free rein to bash victims and to spout a pro-rapist agenda?

Anyone who wants to can create their own blog so please spare me the "I've been silenced" whining.

FYI the comment of "Betty"'s that I rejected was a word for word repeat of a comment sent to other blogs. And that's called spam.
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At May 21, 2006 10:33 PM, Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...


The thing I have found astounding all along and what made me post originally on this whole thing in a post titled "rape culture" were the comments on the web. I have found them to be horrific and at first, to me anyway, quite shocking. I few months have gone by and I have discussed this with friends both male and female, all attending various institutions across the country and I find the attitude is more pervasive than I thought.


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