Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Client left ‘defenseless,’ lawyer says

The News Tribune
There’s a lot jurors won’t get to hear about the 14-year-old girl Stanley Scott Sadler is accused of kidnapping, raping and photographing sexually.


Sadler can testify about what the girl told him, including that she said she was 19, and that she showed him a birth certificate to confirm it. But Hogan said no one else can testify about what she told them because it’s irrelevant or “hearsay.” Jurors won’t hear from the girl herself, because she’s missing and no one has been able to find her.

This case brings up a lot of issues. First, can someone really be convicted of the crime of having sex with someone too young to give consent if it can't be proven that the older person knew the younger person's real age? Second, is it still a crime if others have committed the same crime before you? And is the crime nullified if your victim has learned to be sexually aggressive.

Some may call this girl morally corrupt, but I think it's much more likely that this girl is in need of serious help.
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