Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Duke rape polygraph

NBC 17
Evans spoke publicly before turning himself in to police Monday. He said he passed a polygraph test -- which he took on his own -- to show he was not involved in the alleged rape. He said he had courage knowing the truth is behind him.
I found it interesting that "No" was the correct answer to all of the questions listed in the polygraph report. Since a defense attorney arranged for this test, it could have been facilitated so Mr. Evans knew he didn't have to truly listen to the yes/no questions and think about his answers.

Mr. Evans could have known upfront that all he had to do was keep saying no.

It would have been interesting if there had been at least one question about racial slurs and at least one about the dispute over money where we know the 'truthful' answer is yes. If there were questions that required him to bring up memories of the night in question, I might not dismiss this particular test so easily.

I also wonder if Mr. Evans had any practice sessions with a polygraph. There are definite reasons polygraph tests aren't admissible in court.

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At May 17, 2006 10:45 AM, Blogger Pirouette1196 said...

I had a blog about the lacrosse case for a while. I just deleted it, but I'm happy to see others are asking questions about the case that the media seems to take for granted.

I stopped keeping the blog b/c I thought perhaps it was consuming too many of my thoughts.

Well, anyway, I think the polygraph is bogus. It was administered privately and it's not even admissible in court and notoriously unreliable. That's why the Durham police and the DA didn't bother when Evans requested the test.

None of the questions included the word "rape", which is a stronger word than "sexual assault" and could possibly produce a stronger response from Evans. Plus it looked like the questions asked were just "yes" and "no" questions. Not too revealing. Is it any wonder that Evans passed with flying colors?

It's all a public relations stunt to feed to the press, imho.

At May 17, 2006 1:19 PM, Blogger Kaethe said...

Bogus was the first word that came into my mind, too.


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