Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fiction excerpt with author commentary - Ch. Lv. foreward

Excerpt from Cherry Love by Marcella Chester
Foreword (part 1)

Cherry Love is a distortion of the truth.

Although the incidents recounted in the book that involve me actually occurred, they are presented in a way that makes certain of my actions more important and more negative than they really were.

Frankly, I am portrayed as a villain. Well, if I was a villain then so were a lot of other guys. And they bragged about it. I didn't do anything that unusual under the circumstances.

If Cindy could not take responsibility for her own actions that is her problem. It becomes my problem when the author implies that I was responsible for the actions of someone else.

As far as I am concerned the subject of this book is old news. Who cares what happened over twenty years ago? I don't and I don't think any readers will care either.

This is just one more example of the male-bashing that has become so popular.

In no way am I endorsing this book or surrendering any rights to take legal action.

Rod Peterson
Hollywood, California

[copyright 1996 Marcella Chester, all rights reserved]

Author commentary:
The foreward to Cherry Love is the only section of this book that isn't based on real events from my life before and after I was raped. As far as I know my rapist (Rod Peterson isn't his real name) has never seen this book. Confronting him years later wasn't an important part of my journey so I didn't waste my time trying to find him.

I wrote this foreward after listening to an especially annoying man who seemed like he was channeling an older version of my rapist. If my rapist hasn't undergone a major transformation, I still believe he would try to spin events in a similar manner and would see himself as the hapless victim of a vindictive woman.
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