Monday, May 08, 2006

Mad Melancholic Feminista: Rethinking Feminism Series: Consent

Mad Melancholic Feminista: Rethinking Feminism Series: Consent
This post is part of my rethinking feminism series, because it highlights to me the ways in which institutions adopted what seemed to be "feminist friendly" policies, but only to serve their self-interest and not to actually prevent rape or sexual assault. My college has instituted an incredibly protectionist policy, that most conservatives would lambaste as the legacy of the P.C. era, but I believe there is something far more nefarious afoot. While the subtext of this college policy does suggest a 2nd wave view of woman's sexuality as passive and helpless to men's predatory sexual behavior, that is not the real problem with the code (although I do find it insulting). The real problem is that the college adopted this "feminist friendly" code, ultimately, to keep its rape statistics low and to protect itself from liability--either angry parents or the federal government. This policy does nothing to create a campus that is more respectful of women, nor does it promote healthy self-image or sexual behavior.

This entire post is worth reading since these types of policies are often seen as coming from those who don't care who is hurt in their determined fight against rape on campus rather than coming from bureaucrats determined to protect the university.
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