Thursday, May 25, 2006

Manhunt In Rape-Murder Case - Multiple Victims Possible

CBS Kansas City, Mo.

Davis is on parole after spending nearly 18 years in prison for a rape and sodomy conviction in 1987.
This is the type of person the sex offender registries were created for. The problem is that registries aren't a good substitute for prison with the most violent offenders. Obviously this man isn't going to be registering his new address.

An acquaintance of Davis told investigators that he told her recently that he and Riley were planning to go further and begin killing women.

Nice man. This is why we should never laugh off talk of murder.


A Kansas City woman fears that her daughter might also have fallen victim to two accused murderers.

Which means they may be serial killers.



A couple accused of videotaping the rape of an Independence woman and killing her were in custody Thursday night after spending several days on the run, Jackson County prosecutors said.

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