Monday, May 22, 2006

Peer pressure led rape victim to drop charges, Tecumseh police say


Of all the recent revelations coming out of the Tecumseh High School sex scandal, authorities have begun implying that after Cole Corey and classmate Anthony Sandoval assaulted a 17-year-old girl in Sandoval's home, they and others may have peer-pressured the girl to not pursue rape charges.

MSU State News

John Clark, deputy police chief at the Tecumseh Police Department, said a woman reported Corey and a friend from high school raped her after they took Ecstasy and consumed alcohol in the spring of 2002.

"Basically, we did the collection of evidence and it was preserved," he said. "Both suspects as well as the victim had been interviewed. Unfortunately, due to the victim's age, she came under a lot of peer pressure and thought it would be easier to walk away from everything."

When one of the men who allegedly raped the woman was accused of attacking someone else, the woman came forward and decided to reopen her complaint against the man and Corey.

"It's a very sad story, as far as I'm concerned," Clark said. "It's a shame when anybody that age makes a poor decision. You have a 17-year-old ... who made some very poor choices."

If I'm reading this right and the deputy police chief is blaming the rape victim, it shows an appalling lack of understanding. Girls and women who accuse popular boys and men of rape can expect to be treated as if they are the real criminals out to destroy good boys' futures. What this girl endured was likely far more severe than peer pressure. In fact it sounds like harassment and witness tampering.

How about blaming rapists and those who rally around accused rapists for subsequent rapes?

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At June 06, 2006 6:44 PM, Blogger The Adrian Insider said...

Sources tell The Adrian Insider that a lawsuit against the blind-eye turning Tecumseh, Michigan school board may be on the way.... Also, Geraldo featured this story last week on his show. NBC's Dateline could be next.
see for more....


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