Monday, May 15, 2006

Sexual violence survey on college campus

Spokesman Review

The recent survey of WSU students is one of the most in-depth efforts to quantify the problem of sexual violence on any American campus, said Thomas Brigham, one of the report's authors. It surveyed more than 2,500 students, including an unusually large sample of men, he said.
"In some ways, the important part of this was simply doing it – doing the survey," Brigham said. "What we wanted to do was have real information instead of campus lore."
In the survey, 11 percent of women reported being forced to have sex, and 10 percent reported an attempt. In a story published Tuesday, the Associated Press incorrectly reported different numbers.


Wall and others say a key part of the problem is the way the culture at large reacts – failing to take the crime seriously, discounting women's reports, raising questions about risky behavior that sometimes sound like blame, minimizing the crime by linking it with a date or an acquaintance.

For an example of this failure to take campus crime seriously, we don't have to look any further than Kathleen Parker :
More to the point of this column, sex offender also refers to those convicted of "date rape," which is invariably a case of "he said/she said" and often involves young people caught in the throes of a debatable moment.

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