Monday, May 15, 2006

Third Member of Duke Lacrosse Team Indicted

Washington Post

A third member of Duke University's lacrosse squad, David Evans, of Bethesda, was indicted in Durham, N.C., today on charges he raped a woman at a team party held at his off-campus house in March.

Update 5/15:

Duke captain: "You have all been told some fantastic lies."

Of all the statements made by David Evans, the latest lacrosse player charged, I can accept this particular statement as the truth. We just don't know who the fantastic liars are.

Now what would be real news is if a Duke lacrosse player stood up during a press conference and said, "Guilty as charged."

Even if the prosecutor proves all the charges to be true, no defendant with a minimally competent defense attorney would say such a thing until the trial is over and all appeals have been exhausted. With so many who have decided the lacrosse team are the only victims in this case and who refuse to accept any evidence that calls their belief into question, any men guilty in this case would be stupid to alienate their base. Ever.

Those who claim we can know everything that happened on March 13 based on information available to the public are either liars or delusional. I'm a trained victim's advocate with experience working with rape victims in crisis, but I will never claim absolute knowledge of this case or any rape case.

What I do know is that the defense team has a vested interest in spinning the developments of this case to make it seem like the only possibility is that this woman deliberately made a false allegation of rape. If they can't disprove this woman's allegations directly, they want to at least give the illusion of reasonable doubt.

Like the "she came raped" theory.

Those who should be trusted the least are those who want to be seen as absolute authorities on this case. And the least of the least are those who do this with no training in crimes such as the Duke rape case.

Update 5/16:

Herald Sun

Seligmann's defense team singled out City Manager Patrick Baker. Last week, Baker countered contentions by Duke University that city police didn't regard the accuser in the case as credible and thought her allegations would produce only misdemeanor assault charges.
Apparently the defense attorneys don't like it when someone in authority looks to see if information in one piece of evidence (the Duke University police report) is accurate. The defense team is basically saying that it is wrong of those in authority to seek the truth and to share that truth with the public.

So now on top of the defense team's allegation that the alleged victim has made a deliberate false allegation, they are now alleging that the city of Durham and the police of Durham are involved in a cover up.


Sounds to me like the defense attorney's know the police have strong evidence that the alleged victim was credible from the moment she was identified as a possible rape victim, and because of that, they are doing their best to make people view credible evidence and credible witnesses as co-conspirators in a crime being committed against 3 innocent men.

I can't fault the defense attorneys completely since they are NOT being paid to see that impartial justice is served, they are being paid to do everything they can to make the public and the jury believe that there is at least a reasonable doubt.

And if that means destroying a rape victim, so be it.

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At May 17, 2006 8:21 AM, Blogger Pirouette1196 said...

Hey, good post. Nice to see others thinking critically out there and not just sopping up what the defense serves up. I'm telling you, the defense is playing the press and other media like a fiddle and a lot of folks are just too dull to see that.


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