Thursday, May 11, 2006

Well, you were asking for it, daring to be a woman!

On a study that found that simply using a female screen name like Cathy, Melissa or Stephanie increased the number of threatening and sexually explicit messages, Earlbecke wrote:

I find it outrageous and sad that women are being told they have to hide their gender in order to be safer online. Gender should be a non-issue. The crime of simply being born female shouldn't be enough to warrant harassment.
This difference in the tone of our experience based on gender (online and offline) is one of the reasons some men find it nearly impossible to accept the scope of violence against women. Ironically, many men who refuse to accept the risks women face will treat women with open hostility when they talk about those risks. We're accused of being anti-male and much worse.

The backlash from those who refuse to see the problem contributes to the problem they deny.
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