Tuesday, June 27, 2006

carnival for book writers #2

Welcome to the second edition of carnival for book writers.



Literary agent John Ware posted at Pen on Fire.

Q & A with agent Jenny Bent posted at Romancing the Blog.

Guest Blog by Annette Dashofy - Getting an Agent posted at Writers Unite.

The Business of Writing posted at Bookends LLC, provides insight into how one agency got its start.

Victoria Strauss -- Some Thoughts on Lists posted at Writer Beware, answers the question, "If there are lists of the bad agents you should avoid, why not have similar lists of good agents you should seek out?"

Queries & Great Info from an Agent posted at No Blank Pages, provides information from agent Jillian Manus and the process that begins when you leave your current agent.

Parting company with an agent posted at Miss Snark.


HE WROTE: Writing For The Market posted at He Wrote, She Wrote, gives a good perspective on the dangers writers face when attempting to give editors what they say they want.

So you want to write a novel... posted at ::inkthinker::, provides advice and references to help you on your way.


Questions for Lucia Macro, Avon posted at Cathryn Fox, gives information on what types of novels Avon Books is looking for.

A Conversation with Tina Pohlman posted at The Mumpsimus, provides an interview with Tina Pohlman, editorial director of Harvest Books (the paperback imprint of Harcourt).

marketing fiction

Lawyers, books, and money :"Harry Potter meets John Grisham" posted at Ex Libris, discusses the American Bar Assoc.'s second work of fiction in it's 127-year history.

Maturing Chick Lit posted at The Writing Life, discussed by Terry Whalin, who is the fiction acquisitions editor at Howard Books (an imprint of Simon and Schuster).

To market, to market to buy a... posted at MJ Rose, discusses how to find a balance between what you naturally write and what will succeed in the market.

The Road To Publication – And How Not To Get Mugged Along The Way posted at Murderati, provides advice on getting from The End to published.

writing through bad advice and bad choices posted at Riding With The Top Down, provides insight on when good advice isn't good for you.


Report from Book Expo Canada, Part Three posted at Eclectic Closet.

5/24: Passion! posted at Inside BookExpo America, provides a discussion of what it takes to be a financially successful bookseller.

That concludes the second edition of this carnival. Submit your blog article to the next edition (July 19) of carnival for book writers using the carnival submission form.

Links to this and future editions can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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