Friday, June 02, 2006

Cops: Grandparents ordered hit on kin to save son from rape charge


A couple tried to hire a hit man to kill their three grandchildren and daughter-in-law to stop them from testifying against their son in his rape trial, authorities said. The couple, ages 60 and 59, were charged with four counts each of criminal conspiracy to commit murder. They were being held without bond.
The feeling so many have about how unjust the punishment is for sexual assault contributes to actions like this. These grandparents may have viewed their daughter-in-law and grandchildren as determined to unfairly destroy their son's life, rather than viewing a charge of sexual assault and the testimony of victims as being a consequence of committing acts that are interpreted by law enforcement as sexual assault.

I can't dismiss this case as an example of monster grandparents since the decision to kill alleged victims, and those who believe them, is not a rare occurrence. Just last month a sexual assault suspect killed his family before committing suicide.

For those who have minimized rape to show how damaging false accusations of rape are, your minimization feeds into the rationalization behind acts of revenge against rape victims.

If you are truly concerned about false allegations and false convictions, then you need to approach those problems on their own merits. If you are only concerned about these problems when the charge is a sex crime, it makes many of us wonder if you are trying to protect rapists and sexual abusers by calling them innocent.

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