Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DNA Clears Conn. Man Convicted of Rape

CBS News

Tillman was 26, living in a homeless shelter and working at a car wash when he was charged with abducting a woman as she got into her car near a Hartford restaurant, then beating and raping her at a housing project. He maintained his innocence and rejected a plea bargain that would have given him eight years in prison. The victim picked out Tillman from photos, and he was convicted. Forensic tests at the time showed some similarities between Tillman's DNA and that of the attacker.
For those who use examples of acknowledged false rape convictions like this as proof that middle-class accused rapists must be falsely accused, there are some clear differences. This man was poor, which put him at a clear disadvantage over accused rapists who can afford the best defense team money can buy.

Also note that the woman isn't accused of lying about being raped. She didn't make a false allegation of rape. This is a case of misidentification.

Big difference.

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