Thursday, June 29, 2006

Senator Wants IRS to Chase After Pimps


Pimps and sex traffickers could soon find themselves being chased by tax collectors, not just the vice squad. Sen. Charles Grassley, chairman of the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee, wants the Internal Revenue Service to chase after pimps and sex traffickers with the same fervor it stalked gangster Al Capone for tax evasion.
Since those who profit from exploiting the prostituted often escape justice, I am all for following the money and using evidence of profiteering to stop these exploiters.

However, since I haven't seen the legislation in question and don't know what unwanted ramifications may come from this legislation, I can't say I support this exact proposal.

From what I've been able to learn about this legislation, it doesn't seem to address is the possibility of using part of the seized money to help those who have been exploited by pimps and sex traffickers. Since the average age of those brought into prostitution is 14 or less, most of these people desperately need help to deal with issues that come from being exploited for years. If we do nothing more than separate the trafficked from one trafficker, these people will be vulnerable to the traffickers who haven't been caught.

For those who argue that the prostituted are only victimized if they are minors, I must disagree.

From CNN: Trafficked women's symptoms akin to torture victims':
Women and girls trafficked for forced sexual or domestic work suffer post-traumatic stress on a par with torture victims, researchers said on Wednesday.
Notice, it says women and girls. Those who force children don't suddenly set exploited children free on their 18th birthday.

Here's what I could find from primary sources: Senate Finance Committee press release

If anyone can find a link to the legislation itself, please let me know.

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At June 30, 2006 1:32 AM, Blogger Holly Desimone said...

Hi Marcella,
Not sure if this will help but I am posting two links ok

Washington (June 30, 2006) - The Senate Finance Committee approved legislation that would empower the Internal Revenue Service to hit sex traffickers with major fines and lengthy prison sentences for failing to file employment paperwork and withhold taxes for the women and girls under their command.
Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and chairman of the tax-writing Senate committee brought the proposal forward. "It's a no-brainer to have the IRS go after sex traffickers," he said, in a statement. "Prosecuting tax code violations can get these guys off the street and yank from their grasp the girls and women they exploit."


WASHINGTON — A Senate committee today approved legislation that would use the federal tax code to put behind bars criminals who make money in the underground economy by selling sexual access to girls and women.

At June 30, 2006 1:36 AM, Blogger Holly Desimone said...
I found this one also Marcella

At June 30, 2006 1:47 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

Thanks, Holly, I appreciate the links.


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