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Blogathon Against Torture Links

Well, the blogathon is over for 2006. I'll add my thanks to what was posted on the blog against torture.

From blogagainsttorture: Congrats! We Did It!

Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered their time - (in no particular order) Mash, Robbie, Ingrid, Per, Marcella, Bodda, Heretical Jew, Chuck,'ve all been fantastic. Thanks also to our wonderful monitor, Barbara.

Of course, our second main goal was to raise money for Amnesty International USA, and so far we have officially raised an amazing $1157, all of which will go directly Amnesty USA.Thank you so much to all our sponsors - you have done a good deed by helping us out, and it is hugely appreciated.

Don't forget that we can still get sponsors up to 48 hours after the Blogathon finishes, so keep pestering everyone you know.

If you support the efforts of Amnesty International USA and you want to encourage a blogathon against torture 2007, please go to our blogathon sponsor page and become one of our sponsors.

Here are the posts for our Blogathon 2006 posts at Bloggers Against Torture:

Let the 2006 Blogathon Commence! by The Heathlander (posted at 5:56 a.m.)
Going After The Family by Mash (posted at 6:42 a.m.)
War Crimes Act of 1996 — Oops We Didn’t Mean Us by Marcella (posted at 7:02 a.m.)
Circumventing Article 3 and Other Atrocities by the Bush Administration by Robbie (posted at 7:33 a.m.)
Torture – What is the point? by cyberotter (8:04 AM)
The reason to have legal parameters of conduct with prisoners by Ingrid (8:33 AM)

Words Words Words, now..the visual by Ingrid (9:02 AM)
Meanwhile, Back In Guantanamo Bay Prison… by Robbie (9:34 AM)
The Internment of Juma Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Dossary by Robbie (10:11 AM)
We Have Ways Of Making You Talk!!! by Mash (10:31 AM)
The Iron Fist Fallacy by Marcella (11:00 AM)
I. Are They HUman? by Per (11:32 AM)

II. Do As You Are Done? by Per (12:01 PM)
III. Why? by Per (12:30 PM)
The US is Practicing Torture by Proxy Around the World by Heathlander (1:12 PM)
IV. Are You A Torturer Too? by Per (1:30 PM)
Torture & Extraordinary Rendition Flights Are a State Secret by Robbie (2:02 PM)
Dana Priest Appreciation Thread by Robbie (2:35 PM)

V. I confess: I am! by Per (3:00 PM)
VI. Civil and Human Rights? by Per (3:30 PM)
The War On Terrorism Exception To International Treaties by Mash (4:03 PM)
Jordan Is “Central Hub” of Secret Detention Centers by Robbie (4:33 PM)
Psychologists To Assist In Military Interrogations by Robbie (5:05 PM)
Abu Ghraib: The Las Vegas of Iraq by Marcella (5:30 PM)

Outlawed by Mash (6:03 PM)
VII. We Must Withstand! by Per (6:30 PM)
The Real World by Per (7:00 PM)
Dershowitz’s Arguments For The Legalisation of Torture are both Nonsensical and Unnecessary by The Heathlander (7:30 PM)
The Dark Prison by Mash (8:00 PM)
Support by Robbie (8:42 PM)

Amnesty International: Hamdan v. Rumsfeld Action Letter Campaign by Robbie (9:03AM)
Living In A Post 9/11 World Means Living Outside The Bubble by Marcella (9:30 PM)
The Mentality of Torture by The Heretical Jew (10:00 PM)
Debunking The “Ticking Bomb” Argument For Torture by Mash (10:32 PM)
IX. HUman Beings are equal! by Per (11:00 PM)
VIII. The price is vulnerability by Per (11:30 PM)

Torture: It’s Fashionable in Belarus, Too by Robbie (12:01 AM)
Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror by Robbie (12:33AM)
The Suffering Must Not Be Anonymous by The Heathlander (1:00 AM)
It Pisses Me Off by Chuck Cliff (1:30 AM)
Detainee 546 by Mash (2:00 AM)
Loose Change by Ingrid (2:30 AM)
Eyes wide shut by Bodda (2:41 AM)

You Know The United States Is In Deep Trouble… by Robbie (3:30 AM)
Amnesty International USA Critical of U.S. Human Rights Record by Robbie (4:01 AM)
Please call me by my true name by Per (4:30 AM)
In Tyrannis by Per (4:45 AM)
Psychology and U.S. psychologists in torture and war in the Middle East by Ingrid (4:50AM)
Torture FAQ by Bodda (5:00 AM)
If We Shouldn’t Torture What Should We Do Instead? by Marcella (5:32 AM)
not so random links by Bodda (5:45 AM)
Congrats! We Did It! by The Heathlander (6:00 AM)

As you have time (we'll give you more than 24 hours), go check out the posts written by a variety of bloggers.

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Hi Marcella,
Good Luck, blogging for Blogs Against Torture! take care


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