Monday, July 10, 2006

Castration: a solution for sex offenders?

A jailed sex offender castrated himself before his commitment hearing, in hopes that the move would make him seem less dangerous. Thankfully, he was committed but still hopes his action will eventually set him free. If you read the full story you'll see that changing himself physically was easier than truly facing what he did to his victims. Something he still hasn't done.

It was and continues to be all about him.

Without facing the serious damage that's been done to past victims, freeing a castrated sex offender would be freeing the same motivation and the same denial that the offender's choices (vs. hormones or sex drive) can harm potential victims.

Washington Post
For years, Jenkins struggled with overwhelming guilt, he said, but couldn't stop himself. The fantasies used to run through him like a fever. At the Chincoteague water-slide park Jenkins operated in the 1980s, he couldn't keep his eyes off the bikini-clad girls, he said in the interview. In those moments, Jenkins was the boy of summer, not the balding middle-aged man he had become. In his mind, he was still the homecoming king, the high school football star who married a cheerleader. He later divorced but continued to think of himself as a good father and good neighbor. He was the guy all the parents trusted with their kids. But he was lonely.

Everything about this man's story speaks of thoughts that are more than sexual. This man seems like a master manipulator with castration as just another manipulative move.

What most sexual offenders are attempting to do is continue the story that they are not real criminals. I'm not opposed to treating physical urges, but that treatment must always be supplemented with concern for past and potential victims.

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