Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Must Read Response From Duke Official

From Richard H. Brodhead's response to an open letter sent by a group supporting the accused player's claim of innocence regarding Duke's response to the Duke Lacrosse alleged rape case, published by NBC 17

You say that "at this point, no fair-minded person could any longer believe that a rape occurred" and, accordingly, you chide the University for not supporting the players more aggressively. But as you yourself recognize, "the university can express no opinion about the ultimate outcome of pending legal matters." I am well aware that, after many weeks of media stories that made it seem almost self-evidently true that a rape had occurred, recent stories have offered extensive evidence exonerating the indicted students and questioning the legitimacy of the case. But the University does not have direct access to the full truth of the case now any more than we did earlier, and we can't speak with certainty of matters that only the criminal justice system can resolve.


You also voice the perception that the University has been complicit in scapegoating members of the lacrosse team. I recognize the gravity of the charge, but I do not agree with it. It was the party that the men’s lacrosse team held on the night of March 13 that precipitated the subsequent avalanche of publicity and notoriety.

This second point is one that all of those screaming, "False allegation!" very conveniently forget, not only in this case but in many other rape cases. It's a point that's easily forgotten in cases that fall under the guise of he (they) said/she said. Even the most troubling undisputed actions taken by the accused are dismissed either as boys will be boys or the lame "mistakes were made."

I believe this case is still very much alive.

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Note for those thinking about commenting to tell me what an idiot I am:
You're welcome to write whatever you want about my position or about how these "boys" are being victimized -- on your own blog. This blog (including the comments) is for those who care about victims and survivors of rape and sexual violence, not for those who are indifferent at best to most forms of rape and sexual violence.

For those who assume that caring about rape victims, means not caring about suspect and defendant rights, please read these posts before making your own false allegation.

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At July 27, 2006 8:51 PM, Anonymous cooper said...

i am happy about that letter I am going to also post it on my site and probably on Taking Place unless someone else does it first. I posted the same thing all along...

They have to pay the piper so to speak and go through it all just like anyone else accused of a crime.
It appears fomr my interpretation that he is saying oh well dear folks one way or another they had the party which started it all so they are going tohave to wait and see the outcome.

I expected less from him this is at least satisfactory to me for now.


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