Monday, July 24, 2006

Woman Faked Pregnancy, Confirmed Belief Of Those Who ...

... believe pregnancy is nothing more than a way for women to get money and gifts which confirms the belief that most announced pregnancies are false and that "miscarriages" are lies 99% of the time.

No, wait. To take a single case like the following from ABC News:

The couple is at the center of an alleged hoax involving miracle sextuplets. It began last winter when Sarah made a shocking announcement -- she was pregnant with six babies.

And to use it as if it represents all pregnancy announcements and to go beyond the scope of that case in the generalization would be seen as utter nonsense. Wouldn't it?

So why does anyone use a single fabrication of rape (or even a single case where there's a claim that the rape is no more than a fabrication) to prove something about all claims of rape?

And why do some people believe the anti-victim generalizations about rape charges -- and assume most girls and women who report rapes to the police are liars? Is it that it's easier to believe that most reported rapes are fake than it is to believe that rape is common?

Denial can make the world look safer than it is. Many people are lucky enough to never know firsthand how common rape really is. But denial turns ugly when people don't wait for confirmation by law enforcement to announce that a claim is a deliberate lie.

Sometimes the announcement of the "lie" comes out as soon as the story breaks with the sketchiest of details. When this happens those declaring a lie are revealing their biases. Too many people view girls and women as the only ones with the duty to stop the boy or man from having sex. To them any woman who has even the briefest acquaintance with the rapist must have lured the man into sin.

We know men's brains and free will don't actually disengage when they see someone they want. Don't we?

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