Sunday, August 13, 2006

Announcing New Blog: Re-model 4 Life

Since Abyss2hope focuses on raising awareness about sexual violence and the various factors that allow people to justify harming others and because many people find that subject too intense, I'm creating a separate blog, Re-model 4 Life, to discuss ways to create and sustain new models for living -- either after trauma like rape or whenever an old model of living isn't working as well as it should.

My focus on Re-model 4 Life is going to be on how at a very personal level to have inner peace and contentment while still being aware of how much is wrong with your life and the world. As someone who had neither of those for far too long, and who is finally learning to find a way to balance optimism and the awareness of unwelcome realities, I will continue exploring how to maintain that balance without slipping back into denial.

The political will come in at Re-model 4 Life only when it directly relates to the personal.
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