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Carnival Against Sexual Violence #5

Welcome to the August 15, 2006 edition of the carnival against sexual violence.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a post or who wrote a post against sexual violence whether it was nominated/selected or not. For this 5th edition I particularly wanted posts related to what messages prevention advice given to women sends to potential perpetrators and how to avoid victim blaming when talking about rape prevention. I got a variety of nominations that addressed this issue.

So here's 5th edition of the carnival against sexual violence:

personal stories

In International Rape Convict Denied Parole With Help of Victim posted at Why Holly's Fight to Stop Violence, we get insight into one part of a very long journey toward justice.

In on rape, disclosure, and relationships posted at Righteous Revolution, we get to see the impact rape has long after people expect victims to be over it.

In Walking Through Hell posted at Raves, Rants & Rambles, we have a must read post for anyone who is itching to say so-called vulnerable girls and women get what they deserve when they are raped.

media watch

In Blogs for Outright Insanity posted at Hell's Handmaiden, John takes on Mark Noonan's attack on "the Liberals" which attempts to equate attitudes about sex in general to rape in particular.

In Conservatives Slander Feminists and Whitewash Harms To Iraqi Women posted at Alas, a blog, we get to see the flaws in an argument that attempts to make feminists look like they want to paint Saddam as one of them.

In Now I hate the show "Cops" too...*sigh* posted at Biting Beaver, we get a discussion of insensitive and possibly dangerous police treatment of a victim of an attempted rape when the police know their actions are being filmed.

In Marital Rape posted at Teardrops on Roses, we get a discussion of Dr. Phil's response to a couple where the man had non-consensual and unprotected sex with his wife as she slept in an effort to have a baby.

In Scumbag posted at Pandagon, we get reaction to an article about the founder of Girls Gone Wild.

In The Storyline posted at Echidne of the Snakes, we get a discussion about the balance between the need for self-defense and the temptation to blame those whose defenses are breached.

In Newsflash - sobriety stops rape! posted at Not A Feminist, but ..., we get one blogger's response to an attempt at rape prevention education.

raising awareness

In I don't make any promises posted at xhosabutterfly, we get a discussion of male entitlement and the impact that entitlement has on women's choices.

In Preventing Rape posted at Sage, we get a discussion about how reaction to reports of stranger rapes can make people overestimate the danger they face on the street and how that overestimation causes us to see danger in every dark space.

In Nothing says male privilege like demanding that we ignore biology so you get to f*ck unwrapped posted at Ginmar, the main topic is about a man's wish to not pay child support, but the bigger issue addressed is some men's desire to have women take all responsibility for men's decisions regarding sex.

In Who is responsible for safety? posted at 2 B Sophora, we get a discussion about how concern about rape and liability for rape can close doors of opportunity for women.

In A good bishop gets it dead wrong: more on women's clothing, male desire, and God's gift of self-control posted at Hugh Schwyzer, we get a discussion about the problems created when clergy tell women to refrain from being tempting to Godly men.


In The Ethical One Night Stand posted at Willing ....., we get a post on something many people dismiss as being either totally harmless or totally unethical.

In Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies Act posted at Afaeyre Maede, we get a post on proposed legislation related to the dispensing of prescription drugs to rape victims.


In Know About It posted at Talk About It, we get a discussion of the complex relationship between men's use of porn and men's decision to rape.

In Sexist attitudes that brought upon the interstate abortion ban need to be addressed posted at Cats Against Bush, shows how attitudes about this ban relate to attitudes about rape and sexual abuse.

In Catharsis for the woman/prostitute posted at Mad Sheila Musings, we get one woman's response to the argument that Sex Work = Freedom/ Sexual Liberation /Trauma Therapy.

In Angst of city's sex workers posted at Mission & Justice, we learn that sex workers surveyed on Sydney, Austrailia’s streets are more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than soldiers returning from combat or police officers.

In Teen Boys Still Feel Good About Pressuring Girls To Have Sex posted at Abyss2hope, we get insight related to boys' sense of entitlement regarding sex.

In Mind the Gap III posted at Geek Lawyer, we get a post about a few of the factors that allows so many rapists to go unpunished.

In On Rape and "Precautions" posted at Righteous Revolution, we get a post inspired by a surprising/disturbing amount of victim-blaming by a number of people from an otherwise very progressive/left-leaning/politically correct college.

In She Wasn't Asking For It posted at crooked timber, we get another take on victim blaming, including an interesting assortment of comments.

In Life After Exoneration posted at Injustice Anywhere . . ., we get a public defender's take on justice and our biases related to those tainted with the label sex offender.

That concludes the 5th edition of the carnival against sexual violence. Thank you for taking the time to visit this carnival and thank you to the authors of all the posts included in this edition. Together we can make a difference.

The next submission deadline is Tuesday, Aug. 29 at 11 pm. The 5th edition will be out on Sep. 1.

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If anyone has suggestions for future editions of this carnival, let me know.

Marcella Chester

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Thank you for raising awareness about rape and sexism. It'll be a long battle but we can change the hearts and minds of people one mind at a time.


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