Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Carnival For Book Writers #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of carnival for book writers.

literary agents

In Yes, Exclusives still stink posted at Miss Snark, we get an unvarnished opinion about giving agents exclusives.

In Pub Rants: Agenting 101 (Option Clauses—Part Eight) and Agenting 101 (Conclusion) posted at Pub Rants, we get a continuation of the series featured in the previous edition of this carnival.

In Victoria Strauss -- Hard Truths posted at Writer Beware, we get a discussion about reading fees and why you should never pay them.

marketing fiction

In New York State of Mind posted at Pub Rants, we get one agent's thoughts about women's fiction.

In FOR THE WRITING-INCLINED posted at Running With Quills, we get information on a contest for romance writers.

In Cycles. . . Riding the Ups and Downs posted at Riding With The Top Down, we get a discussion of how changes in what readers are hungry for at different times can impact a writer's career.

marketing non-fiction

In Games Psychiatrists Play - and What We Can Learn From Them (or the Art of Writing a Catchy Book Title) posted at Self Publishing Blog, we get some thoughts about marketing strategies - with a focus on alluring book titles.


In 10 Tips For Writing Better Fiction posted at, we get tips passed on from a writer's group. A group of published authors who keep getting published year after year. Lots of good stuff. We also learn the importance of finding the right writer's group.

At Inspiring Writer, we get a series of posts to help you focus your writing.
Discovering Yourself and Your Book
Writing a Book is Hard Work
Exploring the Writing Process
A Character's Profile


In The Future of Book Publishing, Part 3 posted at Tsuredzuregusa, we get a discussion with business guru David Maister.

In He Wrote, She Wrote: HE WROTE: National Coming Up and Conferences In General. posted at He Wrote, She Wrote, we get some useful advice on writers' conferences.

In How we deal with rejection posted at Lit Soup, we get a discussion of an aspect of the writing life that can rarely be avoided if we want to be successful.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival for book writersusing our carnival submission form.

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