Thursday, August 17, 2006

Confession Of Sorts Reported In JonBenet Ramsey Murder

John Mark Karr was arrested and will be returned to Colorado to face first-degree murder charges.


BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) -- A former American school teacher said publicly Thursday that he was with JonBenet Ramsey when she died in what he called "an accident," a stunning admission after a decade without answers in the 6-year-old girl's murder. But the suspect's ex-wife said she was with him in Alabama at the time of JonBenet's 1996 death.
I'm not surprised at all that John Karr would call the death an accident. Many people who use others rationalize constantly to excuse their actions. It's his way of saying he's not a bad man. Saying, "I was with JonBenet when she died," is another way of separating himself from his actions.

Asked what happened when JonBenet died, he said: "It would take several hours to describe that. It's a very involved series of events that would involve a lot of time. It's very painful for me to talk about it."

He told the AP he made "several efforts to communicate with Patricia before she passed away," referring to JonBenet's mother, who died in June, "and it is my understanding that she did read my letters."

Again, I don't find this surprising. He needs to see himself as a good person and wants everyone to agree. If he's deep enough in self-deception, he may assume that everyone else will agree with him once they see the truth through his eyes.
Karr's ex-wife, Lara Karr, told KGO-TV in California that she was with her former husband in Alabama at the time of JonBenet's killing and she does not believe her former husband was involved in the homicide. She said her ex-husband spent a lot of time studying the cases of Ramsey and Polly Klaas, who was abducted from her Petaluma, Calif., home and slain in 1993.
If this confession turns out to be an obsession taken to extremes, this man remains someone with thought processes that could easily tip over the edge from fantasy to reality. The question then becomes whether he paid someone to help him make his fantasy come true.

Either way, I hope this man remains in custody.

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At August 18, 2006 8:09 AM, Anonymous Ella said...

'Honest, i was just trying to rape her - i didn't mean her to die...' Yeah, doesn't really stand up, does it?

At August 18, 2006 6:07 PM, Blogger Holly Desimone said...

It would not be surprising that the some cruical evidence was not made public in this case. Possibly to be used when an arrest was made.
I personally feel he may be involved with others that is just a feeling. The DNA evidence will lead to the truth in the case. This guy is a psychopathic asshole!


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