Thursday, August 17, 2006

DNA Links 4 Out 13 Murdered Prostitutes In Detroit

In my post, Prostitution ring arrests made, I talked about exploitation of prostitutes by those who run sex rings. Since that post, arrests were made in a Sex ring smuggling Korean women into the US.

But those dangers are just the beginning of the risks these women face.


DNA testing has connected a man in custody on sexual assault charges with at least four prostitutes found beaten to death on the city's east side, Detroit police said. At least 13 prostitutes have been killed in that area since 1999, leaving area residents worried about their own safety.

Police said last month that they had retrieved DNA evidence from eight of those women and found the same DNA on four of them. DNA samples taken from the four others were all different, however, and police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings said there could be as many as five perpetrators.

This story is a stark reminder that too many men have been taught that prostitutes (willing or not) are nothing more than disposable sex toys.

How, with crimes like this, can any reasonable person say prostitutes can't be credible witnesses to rape or other violent crimes when they are the alleged victims? Those who dismiss these people as "not credible" or "just asking for it" contribute to the belief that certain people are valid targets for violence.

Nobody is a valid target.


To believe otherwise is to nourish the rationalizations that turn men into rapists and murderers.

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