Saturday, August 19, 2006

Does God Bless Women Through Rape?

From Timothy's Burden: The rape dilemma:

As a result of being raped, you conceive. A living being begins its formation within your womb, a being which God has foreknown from eternity and has determined would be yours to receive. If children are a gift, then He has already worked that rape for your good. He has blessed you through that tragedy.
The thinking in this post is so twisted I couldn't let it pass without comment. By focusing only on a potential child, it allows a rapist to think of himself as a Johnny Rapeseed, spreading God's blessing everywhere he can.

According to this rationalization if God didn't want that girl/woman blessed, He would have prevented the rape. Wrong. Rape is never God's way of blessing you. Never.

Then there's this statement from the same post:
Children are a gift. God gives them. If you conceive, God has given you a gift, and you owe Him thanks for your child; if you do not conceive, it is because God has chosen not to give you the gift of a child.
He's addressing rape victims. Did God turn his back on me because pregnancy didn't result from rape? And should a sixth grader thank God because a sexual abuser got her pregnant? I think not.

This is the sort of reasoning that added extra layers of torment to the trauma of my rape. This isn't pure Christianity, it is filtered Christianity. To reject this conclusion is not to reject Christianity, it is to reject one way people use Christianity.

If a rape survivor gets pregnant through rape and decides to carry to full term, that person hasn't been blessed by a tragedy, that person is doing what is right for her under extreme conditions. To say she has only one choice is to say that her boundaries are meaningless.

It also conveniently lets rapists and those who do nothing to help rape victims off the hook for viewing girls and women as mere vessels. Both are dehumanizing.

I was surprised at the following admission.

This brings me to one of my final verses, one which I sadly don’t obey nearly as often as I should:

Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2, NASB

While I was surprised at the admission, I wasn't surprised at the failure to do this since people who condemn rape victims for the sin of wanting the morning after pill (birth control, not abortion), are in the mode of backseat Christianity, not service to others.

This rule-based approach to Christianity, applied more rigorously to others than to self, is a very brittle thing and can rarely withstand bearing someone else's burdens. They are either going to bend, break or keep their distance.

I know since I tried the rule-based approach and it nearly destroyed me. How could it work when it had me repenting my own rape and the aftermath of rape?

Christians who insist on calling oral contraceptives tools of murder are attempting to turn many rape victims into people worse than their rapists.

What type of message does that send to rape victims and to rapists?

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At August 19, 2006 12:28 PM, Blogger Rick Beckman said...

If life begins at conception and if God is the giver of all life and if rape causes conception then God is still the giver of that life. And to end it via the morning after pill is to act against Him.

This isn't "rules based Christianity." It's following through on our faith in the Bible. It really can't be legitimized unless somehow you can get from the Bible that life can form apart from God. If you can prove that and if you can prove that is what happens in the case of rape, then you might have a point.

But until then, you are simply ignoring simple biblical truth to support the use of contraception.

As for viewing people as "mere vessels," Romans 9 says that is exactly what we are. It's the freedom of the potter. He can form us to go to Heaven or go to Hell simply because He can. He can form us to be fertile or infertile, blind or seeing, deaf or hearing, male or female, simply because He can. He formed me with the parents I have simply because He can. If He causes conception within a someone who was forced into copulation, He does it because He can. (Any other interpretation requires that life can come from someplace other than God, remember.)

And anything He does is for His glory. That's certainly not something I would want to act against.

(I also point out that in your rebuttal to me, you were basing your reasonings on experience and not the Bible. In discussions of morality and ethics, we must remember that the Bible has final say and to be right in God's eyes, we must live and breathe within the expansive limits of Scripture.)

At August 25, 2006 2:14 AM, Blogger cheesemeister said...

When people use the Bible or any other holy tome to justify evil actions, they are spreading the word of someone other than God. I don't care for Fundamentalists of whatever religion for this very reason.


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