Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Man, 84, Is Jailed For 1962 Rape Of 11 Year Old

This case shows a huge flaw in the argument made by those who are quick to accuse women of lying about rape if a charge isn't brought immediately after a rape.

The reality is that most rape victims don't go immediately to the police or get nowhere when they do. But rather than considering that rape victims have courage whenever they do seek justice, many want to impose their own personal statute of limitations.

Like 72 hours. (No DNA? No problems for the rapist.)

It's bad enough that an alleged victim who behaves like the majority of rape victims should be assumed to be a liar. Yet because this delay is typical, rape victims who go to law enforcement immediately are frequently accused of plotting against the alleged rapist.

If she remembers too many details, she obviously wasn't traumatized and therefore couldn't have been raped. If she can't remember details because she was in and out of consciousness, she's obviously hiding something.

You get the picture.

If people who hold these opinions are the helpers (parent, doctor, police, etc.) they will likely do everything they can to "help" prevent a victim from going public with what they refuse to believe is the truth.

For the alleged victim's own good of course.

Yet this contradiction of logic reveals that the opinion that girls and women lie about rape, at least as often as they tell the truth, came first and only then did the person search for supporting evidence if they searched at all.

Their justifications only have to sound good they don't have to be logically sound.

Many who spout this nonsense market themselves as moral people. But can someone be a truly moral person if that person enables rapists' rationalizations and the continuation of very dangerous behavior patterns?

That's a question many asked about those in the Catholic church who covered up for abusive priests. It's a question that should be asked in any other system that protects the system at the expense of victims.

Here are details of this case from the BBC:

When the girl told her mother about the rape it was dismissed as a "fantasy". Griffiths was arrested after the woman made her accusations again. He admitted carrying out the rape, telling police it only happened once. Sitting on Friday, the court heard that Griffiths' victim had accused the man of rape in the 1970s. Prosecuting, Elizabeth Pearson said: "Her mother took her to see a doctor and the allegations were dismissed as a fantasy." (emphasis mine)

The man's defense that he only raped an 11 year old girl once reveals the mind games that rapists play to continue believing they've done nothing seriously wrong.

With enough rationalizations a rapist can convince himself and others that he isn't the criminal and that in fact it is his victim who is the criminal and that she is the one who should be prosecuted for committing a crime worse than rape.

Attempting to destroy the life of a man who did no real damage to anything of significance.

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