Thursday, August 31, 2006

What Was The True Cost Of Bringing John Mark Karr In?

That's the question being asked of the DA in Boulder, Colorado. The automatic response by many would be that the cost was too high and that only John Mark Karr benefited from that decision.

But was the cost too high? And I'm not just talking about cost in dollars and cents.

Others have decided to turn this latest development into an event so ridiculous that it's become nothing more than a joke that can be used to mock this case, the media and the prosecution team. I refuse to link to those doing this mockery because I don't want to support their motivations for jumping into this fray when I doubt they understand what they are mocking.

Yahoo News

The prosecutor in the JonBenet Ramsey case Tuesday defended her decision to ring John Mark Karr halfway around the world to Colorado for investigation, saying it was difficult to separate fact from fantasy in his lurid account because every detail of the slaying is public knowledge.

District Attorney Mary Lacy said that in addition to Karr's graphic account, his obvious predilection for little girls forced her hand.

This last point is one that many people, including the mockers, miss. Just because he didn't kill JonBenet Ramsey doesn't mean he wouldn't commit a similar crime to get the pleasure and the notoriety he obviously craves.

The reporting on what this man ate and drank of the flight to the US was over the top. If Mr. Karr had been let go rather than held to face child porn charges in California, I would have questioned bringing Mr. Karr all that distance.

Do you assume he only fantasized about JonBenet and therefore must be someone who only fantasizes about violence against children? Here's more from that same article.
"We felt we could not ignore this. We had to follow it," she [DA Mary Lacy] said. "There was a real public safety concern here directed at a particular child" in Thailand, and a forensic psychologist said Karr "was dangerous, this person was escalating."
Bringing this man in and spending all that money may have saved another child's life. This man isn't the first person to confess to this particular crime so it wasn't his confessions alone that resulted in the DA's decision to bring him in.

Preventing rape and possibly murder is NOT a waste of taxpayer dollars and it isn't something that should be mocked so easily. The next DA with a case as bizarre and as publicized as this one may decide to err on the side of PR. And all of the mockers will have a hand in what happens if that is the wrong decision.

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At September 01, 2006 3:50 PM, Blogger Z said...

I agree with you - I do think Karr is an immediate danger to children and it seems he has molested children, and possibly murdered somebody as well (I'm not talking about JonBenet).

I think the media has a lot to answer for - they turned the whole thing into a circus. It was completely indecent.

I do hope that Karr being taken back to the U.S. doesn't mean the charges in Asia are now dropped or forgotten about? Because the people over there need justice too.

Take care!



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