Thursday, August 24, 2006

Why Teen Rape Victims Should Be Denied Plan B

The FDA approved the non-prescription sale of Plan B to women 18 and older today despite opposition from many social conservatives.

I believe it's the myth of birth control, including Plan B, as a precursor to female immorality that makes so many people oppose emergency contraceptives. To them it's horrifying that women and girls could escape the consequences of sex (that's for men only) and now it's even more horrifying that women can have unplanned sex (wanted or unwanted) and still escape the consequences.

If God decides he wants to bless a particular girl or woman with a baby, that girl or woman had better lay back and think of heaven.

But the link which makes birth control a sex toy and aphrodisiac is rightfully the stuff of exploitation films like the one advertised in this 1967 trailer for The Girl, The Body and The Pill. The reality is much less sexy.

Hat tip on the video to Feministe.

It's time for the social conservatives to get their brains (and all other parts) out of the gutter. Rather than condemning rape victims who want birth control, they should condemn boys and men who use coercion or force to get sex which might lead to pregnancy.

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At August 24, 2006 5:59 PM, Blogger Rick Beckman said...

What makes you think those who disapprove of certain types of birth control don't also condemn rape? Believe me, we do. But to condemn a rapist is the "popular" choice anyway, so no negative publicity is generated when we also condemn them. However, to condemn something that is otherwise socially popular, that is when people stand up and take notice because we are no longer going with the flow.

That being said, it has been pointed out to me that Plan B does not cause an abortion, but instead it simply prevents ovulation and thus conception altogether. So, I retract my previous comments I made on my blog about the morning after pill. If, after taking Plan B, a person still gets pregnant, then I would assume that if it is still unwanted that some form of abortion (pill or surgery) would be sought, and then I'd have to say my comments are valid once again.


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